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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  April 23, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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no. one was arrested. todd: watch it this cow jumps over a man. they goes. in texas. the cow run into the street after getting loose during a barn sale. jillian: have a good day. ♪ steve: thanks for joining us this morning live from the mezzanine level. ainsley: take some chances. welcome back how was the white house? ainsley: so much fun. we had a great time. pete: did you a good job. hayden loved it. ainsley: she had a good time. yeah. it was a neat experience. we took home one of those wooden eggs so we'll have that forever. got a lot of pictures. steve: it's such a nice morning in new york city. we are actually going to go
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outside in the next hour or. so. ainsley: have a picnic, maybe? steve: national picnic day. thank you for joining us. pete is in for brian who is off. pete: thanks for having me. ainsley: we love having you here. democrats are divided over calls. steve: democrats are focusing on congressional investigations after subpoenaing a former white house counsel. pete: that's right. our own griff jenkins joins us live in washington, d.c. griff: good morning, impeachment fever growing on the banks of the potomac. how is the president had to say yesterday at the easter egg roll. >> are you worried about impeachment, mr. president. >> a little bit not even a litt. griff: conference call with 170 democratic lawmakers yesterday where she acknowledged her party's divide over the issue. reiterating that there are no immediate plans to move
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forward with impeachment though not ruling out possibility. this isn't about democrats or republicans it's about saving our democracy. if it is what we need to do to honor our responsibility to the constitution, if that's the place the facts take us, that's the place we have to go. but on the campaign trail, they are growing louder with the drums as another 2020 hopeful senator kamala harris calls forrism people joining for elizabeth warren and regar rashida tlaib. congress isn't even back until next week, guys. we will see where this all goes. right now, the president not worried about it, obviously. ainsley: they are not ready to impeach yeah yet. pete: literally a house divided. they don't know where to go from here. they know where the energy of heir base is.
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they know impeachment is probably a bad idea. ainsley: it involved 170 democrats. maxine waters has been saying impeach, impeach, impeach. i'm for impeachment but not pushing any of you to have the same opinion i do. steve: listen, i bet 99% of the democrats would go for impeachment but they are realistic because with republicans running the senate where you would need two thirds majority, a super majority to actually impeach the president they realize not only would we lose but as senator lindsey graham says, we would get she lacked next election. >> the idea that the mueller report is not the final word on all things trump, russia collusion is obstruction is news to me. i thought we all trusted mueller. here is what i think is going on in the house. there is going to be a stampede impeach president trump. think they will get punished in 2020 and president trump will get reelected. they will be stampeded to
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impeach trump because they hate him so much. i hate it for the country. i hate it for the president. but it's going to result in him getting reelected. steve: it's all politics. there were chairman of powerful committees according to the "the washington post" on the conference call yesterday saying now is thought the time to start impeachment and, yet, the day before they were on the sunday shows saying you know we really should be looking at the impeachment thing. just politics. they will be talking about it they will do the investigation. that's how they hope they will have enough goods to persuade the american people do you really want this guy for another four years? ainsley: we will be talking to mike lee coming up in the show. is it a win-win for the president. does he win if they don't? pete: mueller was supposed to be the final word. the definitive word. steve: it was on collusion. pete: here they are continuing to investigate. the house will do their thing probably move toward impeachment while the presidential candidates will talk about wanting to do it but move on to something
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else because they know it's not a political winner 2020. ainsley: all the democratic candidates have town halls all over the country. many of them are saying they are for impeachment. listen to this. >> i believe that we need to get rid of this president. >> we have the most dangerous president in the modern history. >> my role in the process is trying to relegate trumpism. >> to hold this president accountable and that is by defeating him. >> i'm going to be the first woman elected president of the united states. >> do you think people like the boston marathon bomber, a convicted terrorist and murderer should have the opportunity to vote? >> yes. even for terrible people because once you start chipping away, you are running down a slippery slope. >> i will give the united states congress 100 days to get their act together to pass reasonable gun safety laws. and if they fail to do it, then i will take executive action. if any other human being in this country had done what
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is documented in the mueller router, they would be arrested and put in jail. >> i have won every single congressional district in my state, including michele bachmann's. okay. that's when you guys are supposed to cheemplet okay? all right. so. steve: please clap. of all those little sound by thes from the five hour telethon town hall last night. the most jaw-dropping was bernie sanders. he was asked do you support voting rights for people in jail? even the boston marathon bomber who killed those people? tar neff he said yes. a bleas said that response was beyond extreme. mayor pete said those in jail should not vote but those released should be reenfranchised. bernie made it very clear, if you are in jail for whether it's murder or sexual assault or anything else, you should be able to vote. ainsley: then he doubled down on that blaming
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republican governors. he said republican governors all over the country, they are doing. this they come up with all kinds of excuses why people of color, young people and poor people can't vote. pete: he got a huge roar from the audience of applause for that answer by the way. ainsley: saying the worst of the worst. pete: the boston bomber should be able to vote. paul's we are a democracy. he needs a civic lesson. we are not a democracy we are a constitutional republic. there are certain rights endowed by our creator a majority of people can't vote away. you can't vote away my first amendment or second amendment that would be absolute democracy. you hear them all say democracy. yes, we all get to vote. we have a system of other rules as well of checks and balances that we stay free. ainsley: everyone should vote. even convicted sex offender offenders. pete: convicted sex offenders and the boston bomber. he said that. steve: there is a possibility in the state of vermont you can actually vote. ainsley: in vermont and maine a felon can vote.
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steve: joe biden will people be able to vote for him in 2020. it looked like his nowmplet was going to be tomorrow. we heard a videotape rollout amend then we heard he was going to start the day in charlottesville, virginia and then fly to philly and then fly to pittsburgh but apparently those plans have been put on ice for right now because it sounds like, according to the washington examiner there was some blow back about starting in charlottesville where a woman was protesting at a white nationalist rally was murdered when a car driving through the crowd killed her in 2017 according to the examiner with no direct connection to charlottesville disrespectful and capitalizing on the death of a activist u. ainsley: he shot the video and saw those pictures in scranton in his hometown. he is saying i am still
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taking campaign donations. pete: these are not the headlines you want to start starting a presidential campaign third one by the way. joe biden campaign launch back in flux potentially delayed. examiner saying biden abandons plans to launch 2020 bid in charlottesville. new york joe biden reportedly delays wednesday campaign announcement. everyone knows he wants to run. they can't get out of the gate. steve: well, one of his former aides spoke to "time" magazine and this is his quote: i have never seen anything so half blanked they are improvising and doing last-minute planning. the guy has been running for put since 18987 and can't figure the basics out like where to stand on the first day this should make everybody very nervous. ainsley: former aide? steve: nevertheless according to the real clear politics average of the democrats, biden is currently nut lead. pete: in the lead nationally in new hampshire and iowa he is well behind. is he dropping behind bernie
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sanders u significantly. sanders' numbers are going up and biden is going down. he doesn't know where to stand physically or ideologically inside a party to totally left. steve: a lot going on. keep you up to date on 202067896:10 in new york city. ainsley: jillian has headlines. jillian: sri lanka defense minister the massacre of christians on sunday was retaliation for last month's shooting in a new zealand mosque. isis fanatic is identified as the alleged mastermind: the founder of islamic militant group which officials say carried out sunday's attack. at least 300 people now 310 people now confirmed dead. new surveillance video reportedly shows one of the bombers walking into a church on sunday. two people living in the heartland of america admit to supporting isis.
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lived in wisconsin used social media to provide bomb making instructions and to recruit potential terrorists. the mother of seven even tried convincing someone to pifn government facility or water supply. pleaded guilty to helping someone try to join the terror group. an army soldier who died in iraq is now back on american soil. the body of specialist ryan reilly arriving at dover air force base overnight. the 22-year-old from kentucky died in a noncombat incident on saturday on its first deployment to iraq. he is the fifth service member to die during the mission to defeat isis this year. the incident is under investigation. president trump will make his first state visit to the u.k. this summer. buckingham palace is expected to make the announcement within the next few days. according to the guardian, the visit will be timed to coincide with the 75th anniversary of the d-day landings on june 6th. last year president trump and the first lady met the
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queen at windsor castle during a two-day working visit. steve: road trip. ainsley: thanks, jillian. steve: forget solar cars mayor de blasio has a new idea. >> going to ban the classic steel skyscrapers. pete: back to the stone age. is the mayor trying to take the empire state building out of the empire state? that's coming up. ♪ you can't always get what you want ♪ you can't always get what you want ♪ , every day can begin with flakes. it's a reminder of your struggles with psoriasis. but what if your psoriasis symptoms didn't follow you around? that's why there's ilumya. with just 2 doses,
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that keep them satisfied. it is the people that is really the only asset that you have. put your employees on a path to financial wellness with prudential. bring your challenges. pete: welcome back. many in the media being called out for not properly recognizing the sri lanka easter bombing as an attack on christians. >> inside the horrific terror attack, the newest explosion just today, americans among the dead in a series of coordinated explosions. >> bomb did go off at 8:00 across the country killing at least 290 people. >> there were 500 were hurt, americans among the casualties. pete: during last night's evening news broadcast christianity was hardly mentioned. i mean zero times on abc. once on cbs and once on nbc. here to weigh in is a member of the usc show of
3:17 am
foundation and in the land of invisible women. doctor, thank you so much for being here. this attack suicide bombers on easter, we now know they are tied to islamist groups targeting christians. why are we not willing to acknowledge it for what it is. >> it's a mystery. not only in the television media. i have also read many podesta where it's almost an after thought. this was an assault on christians not only in sri lanka but all over the world. it was marked during the holiest day of the holy week easter and some of the attacks went off during the thanksgiving service itself. there is a general reluctance to examine christian persecution globally. in asia, one in three christians are subject to extreme persecution. more christians are persecuted in more countries than any other group in the bolder. 144 countries now persecute christians. a decade ago it was 107. asia has tremendous christian persecution. it's a very troubling lack of context that is provided.
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pete: very much so. >> you mentioned islamists responsible for this. those are extremist muslims that follow islamism that judeo-christian conspiracy. we revere the virgin mary there is a chapters. we believe in jesus his message. we have to accept the gospel. that aanathema to radical islamists. i'm not talking about the persecution of christians in this attack is unacceptable. pete: dumbs down the entire conversation if we want to get to the heart of it. one of our headlines we caught christianity under attack sri lanka church bombing stoke far right anger in the west. so, it's almost like they stoke a conspiracy that if you are speaking it and saying it like it is that christians are under attack somehow you are fomenting more violence nut future. >> i'm sure that's what
3:19 am
islamists would like to do. it's abhorring this attack. we saw the kind of innocent people that were lost in worship. understand the magnitude this attack was six times greater in than christ church where my muslims were killed, 59 muslims were killed. this is 310 people passed away today possibly more coming. yet the magnitude of that assault is not reflected in the global media. saying so does not stoke any anger that is an admission of honesty. pete: we saw the caliphate. the physical call fat in iraq and syria of isis being defeated. we hear in the congo attacks like sri lanka which hadn't seen islamic attacks before. is islamism on the rise? >> with respect, pete, it's not been well reflected in the western media. if you read eli from israel's institute on counter-terrorism, 45 sri lankaens went to join isis through turkey in 2015.
3:20 am
scores are documented to have come back in 2017 to sri lanka. indian intelligence law research and analysis wing knew that this was going to happen on april 4th and warned sri lanka who failed to do anything about it. so, isis is very active in southeast asia one of their playgrounds. pete: thanks for being here. you know your stuff and we are thankful for you being here. email us at is the media afraid to even use the word christianity or jesus for fear of political correctness? dr. ahmed, thank you very much. some democrats keep calling for president trump's impeachment. but nancy and friends seem afraid to go there. senator mike lee says it's time for everyone to start moving on and joins us live on set coming up next. ♪ we ain't going to take it ♪ we're not going to take it ♪ anymore ♪ we're not going to take it ♪ no ♪ we ain't going to take it
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ainsley: four protesters facing felony charges after glueing themselves to the universal studios globe. activists seen waving green flags and dying the fountain red calling for nbc to take action against climate change in hollywood. it took firefighters about an hour to get them down using a ladder truck and 60 people were arrested. incredible video shows water rushing 600 feet from the top of that skyscraper there during the earthquake in the philippines. water spilling out of the roof top pool during a 6.1 magnitude quake. at least 11 people are dead. steve, down to you. steve: some democrats burning to impeach president
3:25 am
trump after the mueller report even after democratic leadership advised them to heat the pause button on all this impeachment talk. >> i think he made it pretty clear that he deserves impeachment. >> congress should take the steps towards impeachment. >> without question realm of impeach ivel offenses. >> are you worried about impeachment, mr. president. >> not even a little bit. steve: not even a little bit. here with reaction is republican utah senator brand new book our lost declaration which hits stores today. senator mike lee. >> good morning. steve: had 187 minute conference call last night. let's not do this right now. it's not good for us. >> it's not good for them now, not likely to be good for them a year from now. republicans learned this a couple of decades ago when going through the geevment process for bill clinton. it didn't turn out well for us. no reason why it would turn out well for them this time
3:26 am
around. steve: do you think they are a little disappointed that the mueller report said there was absolutely no collusion and when it came to object destruction, that was ambiguous but was there a smoking gun for that? >> to me it seems clear they were woefully disappointed. they have been holding out for mystical mueller report for two years. they believed that it was going to be answer to all of their problems. all of a sudden it would come out democrat children throughout the nation would be holding hands and singing songs of praise. the report came out the there isn't there. it's not going to work. few of them are still saying let's impeach. i think the smart set is looking back and saying there is nothing to prosecute. steve: they would go yes for impeachment if there were the right number of u.s. senators and you are one of the hundred who would say you know what? there is a good case let's impeach him. vote to impeach him but you need a super majority. it's not there, is it. >> it's not there one of the reasons it's not there is
3:27 am
because there is no there there. there is no evidence not even a scintilla of conclusion. the circumstances don't warrant themselves well. they don't suggest any type of obstruction charge. so they don't have it. they must be very disappointed that is how the system works american fight against tyranny from king george to the deep state. that's thorough. >> yes. it's there to show people that the more things change the more they stay the same. this book is ideal as a purchase for parents to make for their children. parents who fear that our children aren't being instructed adequately on the principles of our founding generation. on why we decided no longer to flight union. why it is we don't pay tribute to a monarch based in london it demonstrates out connection between the failings of king george the third and his regime on the one hand and of many aspects
3:28 am
of our modern federal government today it explains how we can restore the blessings of the revolution without having to fight another revolution. it's very helpful. steve: i love your books because they explain founding documents and the story behind stories. you talk about thomas payne edmund randolph, arthur lee. tell us about thomas truckston. >> thomas truckston was a young captain of a trading ship called the charming pauly. truckston after getting married took one of his several round trips from new york to the caribbean. while he was down there, he was picking up a load perhaps of gunpowder, not illegal as he believed it to be at the time. but while he was in one of the dutch ports within the caribbean, he and his vessel and all of his crew meats were arrested because of some particularly aggressive law that had just been put on the books in england. those laws were put on the books in order to cripple the american economy, in order to make it impossible for us to push back
3:29 am
meaningfully by the overarching action government in london. one of the things that set in motion the american revolution. steve: fantastic new book our last declaration. senator mike lee, thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: mayor bill glaza as a new idea to stop climate change in new york. take new york city back to the stone age. >> we are going to ban the classic glass and steel sky scrapers. steve: we have a lot of skyscrapers in new york city. look at all of them. we will talk about the mayor's big plan coming up next on "fox & friends" ♪ ♪ you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances.
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most pills only block one. flonase.
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♪ i'll make a brand new start of it ♪ in old new york ♪ if i can make it there. steve: take a look at that picture see screen left. see the crane on the skinny new apartment building? that is exactly what it sounds like mayor de blasio doesn't want built in new york city. essentially a glass and metal skyscraper. pete: sky scrapers in new york city? steve: it contributes to global warming. ainsley: talking in earth day press conference and announced a plan to fight climate change he says he wants to eliminate glass and steel skyscrapers basically at love people are fighting back. he want to implement this plan by 2030 and if you don't follow suit and retrofit your skyscrapers you are going to get fined. pete: here is the mayor in his own words. >> we are putting clear strong mandates, the first
3:34 am
of any major city on the earth to say to building owners you have got to clean up your act. retrofit and save energy. if you do it by 2030 serious fines as high as a million dollars or more for bigger buildings. this mandate is going to guarantee we reduce emissions. we will ban the classic glass and steel skyscrapers. steve: new development half a mile from where we sit right now. example of wrong way to do things. hudson yards being developed put out a press release and said just reminding people that they just got the certified ledd platinum which is the green building council's highest devastation, one of new york ne. despite the fact he is saying they are thought energy efficient they are energy efficient. ainsley: a bank had the same type of glass.
3:35 am
they would still fall under the category of having to pay fine $2.5 million they say. pete: somebody call barney rubble because we have to go back to the stone age. well done, "new york post." everyone falls over themselves in new york to be lead certified certifications to show you are ecofriendly. your building doesn't carbon emit. retrofitting the building the. this would cost the building million dollars of to do. so. steve: they say there are not enough contractors in the city in the area to get 50,000 buildings up to code. that press conference where he was talking about green new deal somebody said hey by the way if you are so concerned about energy and carbon emissions and things like that, why is it every day you take suv in a motorcade 11 miles from mansion to a gym in brooklyn. pete: he said because it's because i have to live my
3:36 am
life. ainsley: there is a gym across the street from every building. pete: not for the mayor. mayor bill does what he wants. the hypocrisy. steve: right now new york city office buildings cost $575 per square foot. london is about 100 bucks less than that but what he is suggesting is something that would add at least another $100 to every square foot to just drive more businesses out of new york city to florida. ainsley: already too expensive to live here. gizelleian has headlines for us. jillian: that's right. good morning to you. get you caught up on this story we have been following for years. a murderer could be hiding in plain sight in a small indiana town. investigators releasing a new sketch of abigail williams and liberty german's killer two years after the teens were found dead on a hiking trail. >> we also believe this person is from delphi. we believe you are hiding in plain sight. jillian: police also releasing new video and audio of the suspect taken
3:37 am
by one of the girls before they were killed. police are asking the public to help find the killer. a high profile nba coach sexual assault a sports reporter is suing luke walton of the sacramento kings saying he forced himself on her in a hotel. kelly ten nangt claims this happened while walton was an assistant with the golden state warriors where he worked until 2016. he left the head coaching gig with the los angeles lakers he is the son of basketball will heend bill walton. starbucks is adding more needle disposal boxes at stores across the u.s. the coffee chain making the changes to address opioid use it comes in response to two workers who were stuck with a needle at an oregon store last year. at least 25 markets already have the boxes.
3:38 am
starbucks plans to install them in every region that calls for the boxes by this summer. and samsung delaying the release of its galaxy fold days before its scheduled release. the company making the decision after reviewers complamed complained about the phone quickly breaking or failing. $2,000 device. yes, $2,000 was originally set to hit shelves friday. samsung hoping to have a new release date in the coming weeks. a look at your headlines. go out to janice dean where it is mostly sunny. >> it really is it's going to be a beautiful day today. what's your name. >> greg. >> are you a big fox fan. >> yes. janice: i can tell. can you do me a local forecast right now. >> currently it's 599. and later in the day it's going to be mostly sunny. janice: i love it take a look at the map and see if he is correct. i think he is. 56 in no. a nice warm-up coming for the eastern third of the country. unfortunately some stronger storms for parts of texas,
3:39 am
oklahoma, in towards the gulf coast and the mississippi river valley later this week. large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes will again be the drill. know what to do if there is a watch or warning in your neighborhood. all right, pete. we have a big birthday. pete: we do have a big birthday. very special day for the u.s. army reserve turns 111 years old today. joining me now is major general paler is and amy across attachment as well as others here celebrating this holiday. thanks for being here this morning. >> thanks for having us. >> the army reserve actually first created in 1908 and primarily because of the medical corps. we needed obviously more docs and nurses 1 1u6 doctors and nurses started up in 190. since then we have grown to well over 200,000 soldiers and served in every major war. world war i and world war ii. vietnam and korea a we serve
3:40 am
today all around the globe. 22 time zones and. pete: there are a lot of active duty units that can't deploy without the reserves, correct? >> that's correct. pete: they need to be supplemented with the expertise that you guys have. >> absolutely there are some things we keep in the army reserve that are necessary for a large combat operation. we have 55% of the logistics capability of the army as a whole that exist in the army reserve. 25% of military police. about 40% of the engineers so a huge portion. pete: sergeant, why did you join? >> i think it was the best exongt. i'm very happy to have made a positive impact in my life. and i really recommend it to everyone. pete: i agree. i have been in the reserves. i'm actually going to swear back into the national guard. nothing against you guys. i was willing to do it right here. >> you could do it now. pete: cut the cake. do you have a saber or your
3:41 am
hands. >> so the appropriate thing for any army cake tough cut it with a saber we don't do it with dinky knives. let me ask everybody, place it here and place your hand on the top of the blade cut it here. let's do it. 1, 2, 3, go. happy birthday. >> army reserve who gets to lick the saber? is that not anow we can't cut the rest of the cake. ainsley: i'm glad did you that carefully. my dad was an army reserve. we love you guys. men and women who serve our sun tri. few hours on this tuesday. the supreme court will hold a high stakes hearing on the trump administration plan to
3:42 am
to add a citizenship question to the 2020 ken success. what is the judge watching for and looking for in this? is he coming up next. he is coming up next. ♪ red, white, and blue ♪ if your moderate to severe ulcerative colitis
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ainsley: today the supreme court is going to hear about the ask about citizenship on the u.s. census. steve: judge andrew napolitano who was hosting kennedy last night. is he a little pooped. ainsley: and again tonight. steve: what about this question whether or not the census in 2020 can ask whether or not you are a u.s. citizen? >> the government is looking to acquire information about where people live and where
3:46 am
people who are not authorized to be here live because that has a profound effect on federal aid to cities and profound affect on members of congress. what a lot of people don't know is the population consists of everybody who lives here lawful or unlawful. and that number, that base number also affects the amount of money that the federal government gives to certain localities depending on a variety of formulas. so the argument in favor of this is the more the government knows the fairer it can be in the distribution of assets and the determination of how many members of congress. the other argument is that people are afraid to answer truthfully because if they are here unlawfully, they think it's going to result in their detention or deportation. there are some technical arguments here that they published the regulation? did they give enough notice of the regulation? i don't think that really affects the public. it does effect the statute and whether or not they complied with it.
3:47 am
so if the census people come knocking at your door and say what is your nationality do you have to answer, they are not going to like what i'm about to say. the answer is no. if they say how many toilets are in your home you don't have to answer. if they say what is your education you? don't have to answer. how many people are living there? that, you have to answer. pete: one thing we would want to know is are you a citizen of this country. that's been on the census question before. this is not a new thing. >> correct. pete: presumably the supreme court will uphold this. you can ask that question. >> well, that's a great argument, pete. you can ask any question you want and most people think because the government is asking i must answer. but the only question you are obliged to answer is the total number of people who live there. i don't know which way the supreme court is going to go. it depends on how faithful they are to these rules about what the census people did wrong in a manner in which the regulation came about.
3:48 am
for the average folks watching us now who want to know what do you have to tell the census people you only have to tell them ain't ains do you have to fill out one if you are sent one. >> theoretically, yes. ainsley: do they ever go after anyone? >> the reason why i say theoretically. you can go to jail and be fined $5,000. i have never heard for anybody being prosecuted for failing to answer. i have heard of people being prosecuted for deliberately answering incorrectly for some bizarre reason. pete: this question could have big implications? >> it could have tremendous implications for the house of representatives. tremendous implications because if people don't answer truthfulfully there could be fewer members of the house of representatives from where they live. steve: we will be standing by to watch what happens with the supreme court. brian. judge: mike lee just on with you will be on with me tonight. he has a long day also. pete: he does. thank you, judge. ainsley: thank you, judge.
3:49 am
senator elizabeth warren unveiling bold new plan for colleges. >> we are going to roll back student loan debt, make college universally available with free tuition. ainsley: no more loan debt. the price tag for that $1.25 trillion. professor brian brenberg says it's never going to work. ♪ ♪ ♪ to make each journey more elegant. ♪ i'm working for all the adventure two wheels can bring. ♪ at adp we're designing a better way to work, so you can achieve what you're working for.
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♪ >> we're going to roll back student loan debt for about 95% of students who have debt. make college universally available with free tuition
3:53 am
and free's. and put more money into pell grants so that students of color, so that our poorest students have real access to college. ainsley: senator elizabeth warren unveiling a sweeping new plan to wipe clean million of americans student loan debt and make college free. the price tag for that proposal is $1.25 trillion. joining me now is brian brenberg chairman of the program and finance at kings college in new york city. professor, could she even do this? i mean, these are federal loans and how expensive? how are we going to pay for it? >> one of the big problems is costs here. we are talking about trillions of dollars. she'll wants to forgive loans for people who have loans now. she is not talking about folks who paid their loans off in the past and thinking what a church i am that i paid off my loans. that's a big problem. she is also not talking about the value people get from schools. so, yeah, people have a lot of loans. $1.5 trillion in loans. but the problem is they are not getting value for their
3:54 am
education which is why they can't pay off those loans. let's talk about that. she doesn't want to hold the universities accountable. ainsley: this week we are talking about post college prep. day two resume does and don't. number one don't lie on resume. >> if you hear nothing else, resist the urge to fudge. this is very hard for young candidates because they are going out in the workforce and don't have a lot of experience nervous about that. well, maybe i should stretch the truth. don't do it. number one create a bad habit for new your life. and then number two it might end up landing you in a job that you are not suited for which means have you set yourself up for failure. ainsley: research though at the college resumes. >> i spend hours and hours and hours every week. absolutely. you want to know if you are getting somebody who items the truth number one criterion for any candidate tell the truth. ainsley: include that coffee shop gig even if it's minor. >> don't lie on resume but don't leave off jobs that you think are menial.
3:55 am
those are the jobs that employers often love they show grit and determination. you work at fast pace environment. you work on a team. you have to learn to tell that story. don't leave it off. that's a really valuable experience you want to let employers know. ainsley: don't forget to click spell check. >> this will kill your resume faster than anything else. get somebody else's eyes on that resume. we get rid of half our applicants because they have misspellings in their resume in the social media age we don't value spelling but you better value it if you want to get a job. ainsley: you say do invite critique. >> you need people to help you find errors. you are not going to do it on your own. find people with more experience than you and have them speak into your resume that is actually persuasive to somebody else. ainsley: don't assume a good race may is good enough. >> rest may a ticket to maybe get that you interview but it's not going to get you the job. you have to be a relationship builder. a networker so you are putting your resume into the hands of people who want to
3:56 am
see it. ainsley: do know your resume front and back. >> the whole points of this thing is to get an interview which means when somebody is talking to you you have to be able to talk about your resume. know it inside and out. tell your story. connect it to the job that they might be offering you. if you do that well, you will be a compelling candidate and they will love to have you on board. ainsley: thank you so much. you will be back tomorrow for day three of our series post college prep. brian is explaining interview does and don'ts. that's important, too. thank you some. >> you bet. ainsley: joe concha, row con in and stuart varney and mollie hemingway are all here live ♪ ♪ i wanted more from my copd medicine... ...that's why i've got the power of 1 2 3 medicines with trelegy. the only fda-approved 3-in-1 copd treatment . ♪trelegy. ♪the power of 1-2-3.
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just right ♪ and the radio on ♪ steve: how much fun does that look like? that is in the later of new york city where we have a lot of will skyscrapers where mayor dee de blasio would like to see less. ainsley: did you have picnics with your parents. steve: absolutely. pete: a lot. ainsley: on sundays dad would go up to the grocery store and get all those things in the container and put it in mom's picnic basket and put a blanket out on the park. brian: chicken friday. friday unless from kfc in a bucket. steve: pete, people can make the chicken ahead of time and take it out. pete: hard to do. ainsley: it is hard to do.
4:01 am
i tried my grandmother's. pete: talking to the wrong man. ainsley: cooking friday chicken in your apartment in new york city is tough. your apartment smells like it for a long time. pete: be having a picnic hopefully there will be wine. ainsley: need a little bit of that to keep up with the kids. steve: usually i wait until 8:00 a.m. before i start hitting the sauce. thank you for joining us. brian is out. pete is in. yesterday was lead story we lead off now with as they look in sri lanka and try to figure out what exactly happened, the focus is now on a local islamic group that we told you a little bit about yesterday the national -- links to isis. they feel that they wound up with help from overseas because 10 days before senior police official warned that the group was planning suicide attacks could include -- pete: fox news just came out and said that isis has
4:02 am
claimed ice responsibility for this attack. yesterday we alluded to the sophistication, the amount of devastation this local group had to have some international support. it appears isis has claimed responsibility. if you are sending suing side bombers to churches on easter that's the type of thing isis or al qaeda would do. ainsley: a lot of people in the media are wondering why hillary clinton or president obama when they put out on social media they said they were praying for them. they were sorry for this attack. they called them easter worshipers. and people are saying why don't you call it what it is christianity is under attack. pete: that's right. "the washington post" asked that same question. they said christianity under attack. sri lanka church bombings stoke far right anger in the west. so apparently if you are angry about the fact that christians were massacred on easter you are far-right and you are to blame. you are fomenting. i have never called them passover worshipers or ramadan worshipers. if muslims are attacked or jews are attacked that's who is attacked. understand the motives of your enemy which radical
4:03 am
islamists are our declared enemy. understand why they are doing it also blurs the line between peaceful muslims and the radical ones who are trying to kill people. be honest about it. steve: in the past what i have heard is the group that apparently now aligned with isis and the master mind, the local mastermind was a big fan of isis. apparently. when you look at all of the things leading up to it though, the coordination and everything we were talking about did have the hallmarks of isis. now, when you look at that country, it's predominantly when it comes to religion, it is majority buddhist and then i think it's, what, is it 10% or 12% muslim and maybe about 10% christian. pete: yep. ainsley: you sat down, pete, with dr. ahmed muslim scholar and christians most persecuted but the least reported on. listen. >> understand the magnitude. this attack was six times
4:04 am
greater than christ church where m my co-religion is. 310 people passed away today. possibly more coming. yet the magnitude of that assaulted is not reflected in the global media. saying so does not stoke any anger that is an admission of on necessity. more christians are persecuted than any country in the world. almost an after thought. pete: not just in asia and middle east. it's in europe. church news france. churches in germany dessays created. thidesecrated. this is a problem of radical muslims focusing on christians and jews. we have to be honest to if i can out what to do about it. steve: isis has taken responsibility although there is notified of that so far that we have seen. in the past when isis has taken responsibility, they do it right away.
4:05 am
ainsley: just sad this is where we are though. when you walk into a church you shouldn't have to think about that. difficult on sunday. i thought about that in church. pete: yes. steve: let's move onto the race for the presidency in 2020. last night on cnn they had a town hall. they gave five different candidates an hour each. bernie, kamala elizabeth, mayor pete and bernie were all there the answer from that man bernie sanders when asked by somebody in the audience about voting rights for people in prison that has everybody talking today. >> you have said that you believe that people with felony records should be allowed to vote while in prison. does this mean that you would support enfranchising people like the boston marathon bomber, a convicted terrorist and murderer? >> if somebody commits a serious crime, sexual assault, murder, they are going to be punished. they may be in jail for 10 years, 20 years, 50 years, their whole lives u that's what happens when you commit a serious crime.
4:06 am
but i think the right to vote is inherent to our democracy. yes. even for terrible people. because once you start chipping away, you say well that guy committed a terrible crime, not going to let him vote or that person did that, not going to let that person vote. you are running down a slippery slope. so i believe that you people commit crimes they pay the price. they get out of jail certainly should have the right to vote. i believe even if they are in jail. they are paying their price to society. that should not take away their inherent american right to participate in our democracy. [applause] steve: so the boston bomber will be able to vote for president of the united states. actually, if they lived in vermont or maine which in both of those states you actually can when you are incarcerated. ainsley: convicted terrorist, sex offenders would be allowed to vote. pete: you cut it off the crowd loved the idea.
4:07 am
democracy. you hear it from the left all the time. america is democracy. enough people vote for something we can vote away things like free speech where conservatives get the opportunity to speak. second amendment right to bear arms. we are a constitutional republic. there are constraints on what the government can take away. our founders understood our rights are endowed by a creator not by government. you can't vote something like those away. something like the electoral college inconvenient for them they want toy take away that. ainsley: democracy of government can take. pete: majority decides the rules. we have a constitution which overzell lus majority taking away rights. ainsley: those founding fathers were smart. pete: it no, they were racist. remember only their sins not how great they were. steve: if you commit murder should you being allowed to vote in the united states? we asked you for your comments we got an email from jean. jean wrote bernie just lost
4:08 am
his chance at elections. ainsley: i voted for bernie in the primaries disagree with voting from prison. you lose your freedom and rights as a punishment. once released, debt to society is paid. voting rights should come back with freedom. sorry, bernie, you won't be getting my primary vote. pete: i think the serious counter argument to this is the boston bomber took the right of the people he killed. took away their ability to vote forever. it's a fantastic points. listen, right now he is running to win the primary. based on that reaction, he clearly -- there is n an ideal he will worry about the general later on. ainsley: a lot of the democrats don't want you infringing on their rights. they will say if you are behind bars you have the right you are an american. pete: conspiracy that republicans want to suppress the minority vote and not let people vote. voter i.d. maybe we should know how are when you go to the polls. they take it if you are in
4:09 am
prison trying to block minorities from voting. it's absurd because belief in that party. steve: take a look at how the democrats are doing in the new hampshire primary. right now, bernie sanders is leading. he is at 30 joe biden is at 18 and surging mayor pete buttigieg now just 60 days ago bernie was at 26%. joe biden was at 22% and pete buttigieg was at 1%. he has gone up 14%. ainsley: a lot better. pete: big move by him. number of bernie going up and biden going down indication bernie is here to stay. people realize the money is real. can pete close that gap? we will see. all depends on whether joe biden actually decides to get in the race. he shows some serious hesitation. the bernie effect is no joke. it's there. steve: so does buttigieg. when you look at the iowa caucuses right now. the margin of error on this particular spol 4%. bernie 19.
4:10 am
joe biden is at 19. uncertain is at 16%. and pete buttigieg, remember, margin of error 4 points is at 14%. it is a horse race. pete: top tier. you can't deny that at this point. the question is what's interesting is once those have to start dropping out a long way from that where does bond support go. where does pete's go. are they open to bernie as a democratic socialist? interesting to see how everyone's second and third choice. steve: axios has an item this morning when and if joe biden. joe biden will eventually announce he is running. pete: we think. steve: is he going to take on the president. evidence will not attack the other democrats running for president. ainsley: he did shoot that video in his hometown of escrow scranton. supposed to be released. we were hearing according to the atlantic tomorrow. now hearing it might be tomorrow or thursday not sure. pete: not a smart strategy not going to attack other democrats because they are all going to attack him
4:11 am
saying is he not progressive enough. ainsley: we seal how long that lasts. steve: remember on the republican side back in the day when everyone was running against trump toward the last days when people thought they were still competitive there were long knives out. pete: he didn't attack back at although. ainsley: yeah, right. a long knife. you licked that knife out there. pete: did i tonight dull side. ainsley: you still have a tongue this morning. dangerous, don't do that at home. jillian: no. do not. let's get you caught up on news we are following. starting with this. a fallen marine. honored across three states. local fire departments lining up to pay respect to staff sergeant. his remains transported from dover air force base to new york city where firefighters saluted his casket. >> chris is a guy you can count on. you never thought twice about it. and, you know, he was the guy you wanted behind you.
4:12 am
jillian: he was killed by room three weekroadside bombs: s reported to the cdc in just the last week. bringing the total number to 626 across 22 states. tennessee and iowa now have people sick with the disease. and on the west coast, the los angeles health department is investigating possible outbreaks at five locations including ucla and lax airport. chelsea manning is denied bail and will stay behind bars. the former army intelligence analyst has been in jail since march 8th after refusing to testify before a grand jury about wikileaks. manning's lawyers argue testimony is unnecessary now that wikileaks founder julian assange has been charged. manning served seven years in prison for leaking military documents. president obama commuted her 35 year sentence. i will send it back to you. steve: all right. thank you very much. ainsley: thanks, jillian.
4:13 am
steve: meanwhile democratic leaders in congress planning to guy. calls somebody forgot to tell the democrats in 2020 roll the tape. >> if any other human income this country has done what's documented in the mueller report, they would be arrested. >> congress should take steption towards geevmentd. pete: joe concha says he has seen this movie before he will tell us how it ends coming up ♪ we won't stop ♪ ♪
4:14 am
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get any truck. heading out here? get the ford ranger. the only adventure gear built ford tough. ♪ >> if any other human being in this country had done what's documented in the mueller report, they would be arrested and put in jail. >> i believe congress should take the steps towards impeachment. pete: did those 2020 democrats miss the memo from the democratic leaders who are down playing impeachment talk from those in the house? here to react media reporter for the hill and radio talk show host joe concha. joe, there is a conflict inside the democrats. you have house dems running
4:18 am
for president. where are they taking this? >> well, most are not calling for impeachment, pete. let's make that clear. elizabeth warren is because, i don't know if you played football this is what we call a hail mary. pretty early in the game already throwing them because she has at this point, if you look at the polling. it's a rutterless campaign she doesn't seem to get any traction. nancy pelosi was in washington when we saw this movie before, pete, it was during, obviously, the clinton impeachment proceedings. and republicans cited obstruction of justice as one of the reasons why they wanted the president at that time removed. the problem was that everybody knew it was all for show because there was no way that at that time lawmakers were able to get two thirds of the senate to remove that president. look, here is what happened bottom line. the day after clinton is impeached his approval rating in gallup was at 73%. that's the highest we had seen in quite some time. then, when he leaves office, it's at 65%.
4:19 am
that's the highest since truman. clinton was seen as a sympathetic figure and it led to the launching of another political career in hillary clinton because she was seen as sympathetic figure. so nancy pelosi has seen. this she knows the ramifications of the party that tries to carry it out. and it will be seen basically by half of the american people, pete, as a limp attempt at soft coup at removing a president they know they don't have the votes are in in the senate. all for show anyway. people want lawmakers, democrats who took the house in november to solve problems. not go down this road. there is no appear title for it --appetite for it, pete. pete: one guy who is not yet in the race but on top of the many of the polls vice president joe biden. he had not weighed in recently of impeachment. video came out in 1991 of things he said about bill barr. take a watch. >> it's a presumptuous thing to say i personally like you. i have think you are a heck of an honorable guy. you are a person can i work
4:20 am
with and you demonstrated that. when i say can work with. i don't mean you would do it our way. when you sit down and negotiate you genuinely negotiate. pete: he has decades of these kind of statements. is he parading president trump's attorney general. will that fly with the base? >> i have a feeling it probably won't fly with the base. and that's why some people, pete, are now calling him jeb bush instead of joe bush or joe biden, excuse me. [laughter] it may be the same kind of scenario. it's not good pete to be old, white and establishment in this democratic party. joe biden may be leading the polls now. that's because of name recognition. i have a feeling that's not going to hold. pete: it will be interesting to see how and when he announces his campaign a lot of stutter steps there. thanks, joe. >> thanks, pete. pee. pete: illegal immigrant is charged with killing a fire captain son now is he free to see his family after being deported to mexico. the victim's mother says justice is not being served here. she is here with a message
4:21 am
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steve time nor news by the numbers. 10, how many states unveiled gender ids. people who do not identify with one specific gender. 4. next, that's how many days it took actor nicholas cage to file for annulment. now his soon to be ex-wife is demanding spousal support. he says he was too drunk to properly consent at his wedding. 100. how many ray painter received over 500 cards at
4:25 am
his virginia retirement home. his new goal is to get 1,000 cards and he is on his way. all right, ainsley? ainsley: how sweet. thank you, steve. turning now to growing outrage in tennessee where illegal immigrant accused of killing a fire department department son is deported and now be allowed to go down to his family in new mexico. back in december, this man right here, he was charged in the death of 22-year-old pierce cochran after hitting him in a head-on collision. pierce's mother joins us now with more. good morning, wenty. >> good morning. ainsley: he was deported and sent back home to mexico? how much time did he end up serving? >> he was in our jail system about four months. and. ainsley: you are not satisfied with that? >> no. no. he got to return to his family and our son who was born in this country and was
4:26 am
a responsible young man is forever separated from our family. so it doesn't seem like it's just, no. ainsley: you feel like the system let you down? >> in some ways i think we were prepared that that's how it works. and unfortunately we have seen other families go through. this so we were not shocked by it, no. ainsley: what would have you rather seen happen? >> i would have liked for him to have been in our court system here and knox county and gone before a jury. ainsley: you said two days after burying your son you discovered there was no toxicology report conducted. why would that have been important? >> >> because it would have added to his charge. it's left us wondering whether there was any -- anything in his system.
4:27 am
we can't understand how the accident happened or how the crash happened because he crossed a double yellow line into our son's headlines wheheadheadlights when he had or options. our son through the medical examiner's office was subjected to a toxicology it seems unfair. ainsley: your son had toxicology report conducted this man who was responsible for killing your son did not? and if he had,. >> no. >> it could have resulted in drunk driving, reckless driving or vehicular manslaughter charges which would have put him behind bars for longer? >> right. right. we are left wondering. we will never know. ainsley: what about the governor in your state. i understand you want to meet with him. >> yes. we are trying to work that out now to change that law. there is a fatality in an accident. we feel it should be mandatory that there is a blood screen done. i mean, i don't think that's too much to ask. it should already be in place.
4:28 am
ainsley: are you worried this guy who is responsible for killing your son, are you worried that he will come back in? >> of course. ainsley: all right. wendy, i'm sorry. >> that's typical. ainsley: well, you are in our thoughts and prayers. w>> thank you. ainsley: isis claiming responsibility for that sri lanka easter attack or those attacks and we are live with breaking details next. and mosquitoooooooooooes! listen up, scaredy cats. we all have k9 advantix ii to protect us. it kills and repels fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. and mosquitoes? all three. so let's just enjoy ourselves out here. i wasn't really that scared. ahhh! get it off! get it off! it's a leaf. k9 advantix ii kills and repels fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, too.
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♪ book now and enjoy free unlimited open bar and more. norwegian cruise line. feel free. (driver) relax, it's just a bug. that's not a bug, that's not a bug! (burke) hit and drone. seen it, covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ steve: this is a fox news alert. in the last hour isis has claimed responsibility for the master of christians on easter sunday. ainsley: benjamin hall joins us live from our london newsroom with the breaking developments. benjamin? >> hi, steve, ainsley and pete. last hour on th isis official news network they offered no evidence it was them but the
4:32 am
attack had all the hallmarks of a isis attack we are hearing from sri lanka's defense minister today the attack was carried out for the retaliation of the christchurch massacre in new zealand where 50 people were killed in mosques there. he offered no evidence for that will you the sri lankaen government believe the two are detect connect you had. the death toll rose to 321. chilling surveillance video from sri lanka reportedly of one of the seven suicide bombers calmly walking across the square in the capital wearing a heavy backpack entering the church full of christians celebrating easter. walking into the center of that church before reportedly blowing himself up. today in sri lanka funerals began as the country observed a dave mourning. it was widely thought the small domestic terror group responsible would not have been capable of carrying out or planning such a foe sis at this indicated coordinated attack itself.
4:33 am
new claim from isis although not verified was a likely theory. very sadly learning more about one of the four american victims who had been named. is he an 11-year-old student from d.c. called kiren, a student from a prestigious school studying abroad in sri lanka his father spoke out emotionally earlier about his son. we are also learning that the fbi has sent a team of experts over to try to help with the case and, of course, one of the great worries now is that isis has lost its physical caliphate. whether or not they are able to team one some of these smaller domestic networks to perhaps create carnage like this. that's what the fbi will be looking at closely in the days and weeks ahead. back to you. steve: all right. ben i can't minutbenjaminhall t. the death toll is 321. ainsley: unbelievable. steve: 27 minutes before the top of the hour on this tuesday morning. pete: jillian? jillian: let's talk about this story for a second. because the mother of a missing boy is due in court
4:34 am
today. she refuses to cooperate with investigators. a judge will decide whether joanne cunningham can keep her younger son in her care nearly a week after a.j. fran vanished in illinois. investigators say they don't have any suspects. please don't believe the 5-year-old was kidnapped at his home. he was last seen on wednesday. now, stop what you are doing. disturbing videoed shows the little girl hiding in a car that appears to be following her in a community near sacramento. can you see the child hiding behind a pickup truck as the gray car slowly drives up to her goes around the block and comes back. police are praising her for not engaging with the driver. they are hoping someone has information. a major security breach at the louisiana governor's mansion. police say a man broke. in crashed through cable and fell asleep on the couch. he is charged with trespassing. burglary and possession of drugs. he is also accused of assaulting two police officers. it's unclear if governor
4:35 am
bell edwards and his family were home. easter bunny beatdown caught on camera. a man and woman caught n. a fight when a bunny steps in outside of a bar in orlando, florida. an officer breaking up the fight after the bunny throws several punches. no one was arrested. it's safe to say the bunny was not very hoppy. get it? ha ha. janice? janice: that video is crazy. jillian: i know. janice: it's sweeping the internet. beautiful day here in new york city. it's national picnic day. we will be talking about it in a moment. hi young man what's your name. >> my name is parker. janice: where are from you? >> >> it's okay? >> greg, tell me what's coming up right now? >> pollen report. janice: here it is brought to you by claritin. des moines, iowa, the pollen is high you need claritin right away.
4:36 am
new york city also going to be high. stock up on your claritin. it is a beautiful day though in new york city. here is your forecast today across the country. we do have the potential for showers, thunderstorms, maybe some severe storms as well across portions of texas, up towards oklahoma. this system is going to be on the move, my friends. i will tell you a very nice warm-up in which we will take across the eastern third of the country. there are your current temperatures right now. 56 degrees here in new york. 66 in dallas. 43 in denver. hi, guys. how are you? we have a picnic going on here on the plaza. would you like to join us, young man? >> sure. janice: all right. hamburgers and hot dogs? >> i already ate breakfast. janice: already ate breakfast. that is more for me. steve doocy, do you want one? steve: do you want a hot dog? come on, dad, you have a way with children.
4:37 am
janice: speaking of which, today is national picnic day. steve doocy take it away. steve: what better way on national picnic day than to celebrate with delicious food and fun and games on fox square. we have tips for perfect picnic at your house owner hous. owner of the dover group. steve: i love the smell of hot dogs and hamburgers grilling. when it comes to doing a picnic. what's the key to making sure that the food is safe? >> first make sure it's fresh and refrigerated don't leave it out too long. after you cook it eat it right away don't leave it sitting out. steve: make sure the juices run clear. >> run clear. you don't want to have any blood. that's the way you know it's cooked all the way through. pete: you got to keep particularly well. >> you want to keep it cool. not in direct sunlight. lettuce, tomato, coleslaw,
4:38 am
potato salad and sauerkraut. make it at home or go buy it and take it out. >> best way to make it yourself. tastes the best and looks the best. pete: steve is very good at that i am not. ainsley: i think they want ice cream. there is a dessert table over here. can we walk over here? what do we have here? >> ice cream. american favorite. >> what's your favorite. >> my favorite is the ice cream sand witch. whip witch and king cone. >> i had some budweiser in my pocket. >> picnic without a little budweiser. steve: is this homemade jenga set? >> take one out. >> you got it, steve.
4:39 am
take it out. expert. i played a lot of jenga. >> thanks to this very tall man for joining us. >> a stunt man. >> uncle sam. steve: thanks a lot. ainsley: always good to see you. steve: mean while the dallas district attorney wants to stop prosecuting petty crimes like pot possession and trespassing because it's quote ineffective. pete: one outraged sheriff says it will make crime worse. he joins us next on this tuesday edition of "fox & friends." ♪ allergies with sinus congestion and pressure?
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♪ jillian: good morning, welcome back. quick 2020 headlines. 2020 presidential hopeful elizabeth warren wants to break up amazon but that might put a snag in her personal life. >> do you order stuff from amazon. >> sure. >> what was the last thing that you ordered? >> a mailbox. [laughter] >> okay. jillian: always something random. a massachusetts senator thinks breaking up amazon would reduce competition with small businesses. and an awkward moment for candidate amy klobuchar. watch this. >> every single time i have run i have won every single congressional district in my state including michele bachmann's, okay? that's when you guys are supposed to cheer. >> many people drawing conclusions when jeb bush
4:44 am
asked people to clap during campaign event 2016 election. we have had a couple of moments, steve. steve: i remember that jillian, thank you. now you can add dallas to the cities list that will no longer prosecute petty crimes. the dallas district attorney claims that crimes like stealing necessary items under $750, first-time marijuana offenses or criminal trespassing are ineffective and inhumane. but ours next guest is outraged. here to explain we have michael matta patrol sergeant at the class police department and the president of the dallas police association. michael, good morning to you. >> thank you for having me. steve: okay. so what does it mean, sergeant, if they are no longer going to prosecute thefts under 750 bucks? >> well, what it literally is saying is that an individual, if he deems it a necessary need or personal need can go into a convenience store, can go
4:45 am
into a grocery store and take up to $750 worth of merchandise, leave the premises and will not be prosecuted for it. steve: so in i'm hungry and i don't have any money can i just go to the grocery store and take a couple hundred bucks worth of groceries and i'm not going to get in trouble? >> that's what it looks like. steve: what do you think of this policy? >> well, i think it's very unfortunate. i think it's counter productive. it actually authorizes lawlessness that it's okay to steal. and i think all you have to do is look at cities that have tried. this you have seattle, denver, san francisco, baltimore, d.c. and they have all, the crime has shot through the roof. so i understand what the d.a. is trying to do. john true so he is a good man. i have known him 20 years. is he going become i about it te wrong way. he wants to reduce the jail population. the problem is not arresting people who are committing crimes. the problem is bail reform and bond reform. allow those individuals to get out of jail.
4:46 am
steve: let me ask you this, sergeant. what's it going to do to little mom and pop businesses where if the d.a. is not going to go after people who steal $750 of your stuff, what's going to happen to those businesses? >> well, see, that's my greatest concern because i am a p papa control officer, guy out there every day. john, they see numbers on a spreadsheet. we as police officers see crime victims every day. that mom and pop store which a lot of times that's the only store some of these communities have. that store is going to go out of business. they are not going to be able to take 1,000, $2,000 worth of losses. my greatest concern is we have an individual who goes in and steal simple theft, the shop owner has had enough. he is tired of being robbed. he goes to try to stop this individual. taken a theft and turned it into a robbery because the shop owner gets assaulted and then even worse then, the other shop owner tries to defend the business and pulls out a gun in the state
4:47 am
of texas you can use deadly force to protect property and now why have taken a simple theft and turned it into a homicide because we didn't do the right thing in the very beginning that's a recipe for when they steal. steve: dallas d.a. when we arrest jail and convict people for nonviolent crimes committed out of necessity we only prevent that person from gaining the stability necessary to lead a law abiding life. criminalizing poverty is counter productive for our community's health and safety. i guess it all becomes a question of what does out of necessity mean, right? >> well, exactly that seems to send a message that poor people steal. that is absolutely incorrect. some of the -- the individuals who live in socioeconomic areas of lower levels have the most highest integrity, are the most law abiding, moral people in our county. i know that because i have worked those areas for 15 years. and to just suggest that those individuals, when they
4:48 am
want something they just go out and steal that is not right. very few people in the city of dallas, dallas county steal because they want a sandwich. we don't put people in jail for that as a matter of fact, nine times out of 10 the police officer arrives we buy them that sandwich. this is about career criminals creating crime after crime after crime. as a matter of fact, irving had the first case that was dismissed under this policy on friday. that individual had been arrested 27 times and had 18 prior convictions. that is not somebody starting. that is a criminal. and those people should be prosecuted. steve: you know because you walk the beat. patrol sergeant michael mata, we thank you for joining us today from dallas. >> thank you very much. steve: what do you think about that that is really something. many are suggesting socialism, next guest says capitalism is good for your health and he has got proof. right back ♪ every day, visionaries are creating the future.
4:49 am
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steve: quick headlines on this tuesday. starbucks is adding more needle disposal boxes at their stores all across the united states in summer. the coffee chain making the changes to address the opioid problem. comes in response to two workers stuck with a needle last year at at least 25 markets already have the boxes. samsung delaying the release of the galaxy fold indefinitely. the company making the decision after reviewers complained about the phone breaking offer failing. the $2,000 device was originally set to hit the shelves on friday.
4:53 am
now, they are going to have to wait. all right, ainsley, pete? ainsley: thank you, steve. 2020 democrats pushing furnished tpush pushingto furth. pete: new op-ed in the "new york post" capitalism is actually good for your health. ainsley: here to explain is chairman. tyler author of the book big business. tyler, good morning to you. >> good morning. ainsley: why is capitalism good for your health? >> there is plenty of evidence that people who have jobs they commit suicide at lower rates. they are healthier, they live longer. they are happier. america has a lot of the best companies and best managers in the world and workers benefit from this. >> we are told capitalism leaves too many people behind, leaves inequality the 1%. what do you say to those who seek to tear down capitalism. >> a lot of the inequalities i would blame on education that a lot of it is
4:54 am
mediocre. workers with good skills have never had more opportunities than they do today. ainsley: in the report it says that women feel happier at work. why is that? >> well not all of us have entirely happy home lives. work is a place of protection, of respite. a lot of your special network is there. if you have problems in some other part of your life, work is very often a place simply of support and, of course, they pay you. pete: that's true. socialist might say yeah, if things are free and everyone is earning more because you have a minimum wage and universal base income money is coming in no matter what that you are happier. >> things are free. businesses don't care about consumer demand. they are not motivated to do the right thing and produce the product. many countries have tried it cuba has tried it cuba is a disaster. that would be a big mistake. ainsley: what do you say to politicians who want to do free healthcare, free
4:55 am
college, pay off all your debts, your student loans? >> it's distressing to me that there is a new revival of interest in socialism and socialistic ideas. weave need to push back against that. that's a big reason why i wrote my book. pete: absolutely. what about your students? are you seeing students at george mason who are understanding of capitalism and healthy benefits it brings or are they seduced towards the idea of socialism. >> george mason healthy environment. students are moderate orson tryst are outright sense cybil. so the trend runs a different way. and you see this in polls where people approve of socialism rather than capitalism. ainsley: what's the future of our country. >> i think the future of our country is up to us. it is not preordained it will be fought in the world of ideas. we need more people to be articulate defenders of capitalism. pete: please keep preaching capitalism. thank you for being here this morning.
4:56 am
ainsley: thank you, tyler. pete: speaking of socialism alexandria ocasio-cortez comrade says there is nothing wrong with v.a. healthcare. ainsley: pete was not allowed in even though, look at that there was plenty of room in the back. more from the congresswoman next. pete: yep. couldn't get in. no room. ♪ safe and sound ♪ i'm working to keep the fire going for another 150 years. ♪ to inspire confidence through style. ♪ . .d. . ♪ to treat every car like i treat mine.
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5:00 am
steve. pete: mayor de blasio says they are so energy inefficient. no more big buildings with glass. ainsley: no more big apple. green apple. steve: no more buildings like this building we're sitting in? pete: stone age. only built with pulleys. ainsley: unbelievable. even more expensive to live in new york. stuart varney will talk to us about that on the curvy couch. pete: if climate change is your religion you will end up doing totally ridiculous thing. ainsley: that is not my religion. pete: but apparently bill de blasio's. steve: he might run for president. we soon could be in the 20s. we'll talk about that. 8:00 in new york city. talk about a fox news alert. isis has now claimed responsibility for the massacre of christians and others on easter sunday. ainsley: speaking of religion, she lang can officials
5:01 am
retaliation for last month's new zealand mosque shooting. pete: benjamin hall has breaking developments. reporter: this news breaking last couple hours, on isis's official website, the news agency. ever since the attacked happened it widely speculated domestic group for national throwheeth jama'ath widely now able to carry out a coordinated sophisticated attack such as this leaving so many people dead. together with the fact that at least 40 people from sri lanka went to fight with isis in iraq and syria the connection 57 peering likely indeed. the death toll has risen 321. it brings a mind isis mantra that they say we love death more than we love life. while we haven't seen those yet we are seeing other new videos,
5:02 am
chilling surveillance of one of the seven suicide bombers walking calmly across the square of sri lanka in colombo. he enters st. sebastian's church, walks into the center of the church before reportedly blowing himself up. funerals began as the country observed a day of morning. the military is operating under enhanced wartime powers. so far police arrested 40 people in connection to the bombing. tragically learning about another of the americans who died. an 11-year-old student a fifth-grader from d.c. who had been studying in sri lanka, due to return to the u.s. in the fall. we have another american who was killed. 40 years old from denver, now the fbi involved sending agents much their own to help with the investigation. back to you. steve: those images are heartbreaking, benjamin, thank
5:03 am
you. showed us the video of the guy walking into the catholic church. he has the great big backpack on the back, thinking why would they let him in. there are a lot of backpacks in the world. you can't stop everybody. he walked in the open door, stood in the middle and pulled trigger. it is unbelievable. ainsley: there are churches here in new york where you have to go through metal detectors. pete: that guy is a coward. he killed innocent people that had no idea it was coming. in his mind he believes he is warrior, jihadist. they believe they are part of a global jihadist movement to take on christians and jews in the west. just because the caliphate is gone in syria. there is still mind set. takes every free thinking person to be vigilant. and understand. steve: with isis taking responsibility through their media wing clearly they have had coordination and we talked about
5:04 am
that yesterday, pete. for the government officials in sri lanka to say it was in retaliation to the christchurch new zealand, murders at the mosques, that adds a completely different dimension to it. pete: it does. it doesn't surprise me. it is a global jihadist movement. if they feel like it is retribution for fellow muslims there they will take any blood where they can. that is their view. ainsley: these radical, these radical individuals -- pete: they see it holy war. they will target on christians and jews that is the lens they see it. we can choose to understand it or ignore it. steve: from what is happening in sri lanka to domestic politics, last night on cnn had a big town hall. five of the democrats, each got an hour. it was very long. pete: so long we have a minute long clip that lays out some of the policies they talked about. listen. >> i believe that we need to get rid of this president. >> we have the most dangerous
5:05 am
president in the modern history. >> my roll in the process is trying to relegate trump itch to the dustbin of history. >> to hold this president accountable. that is by defeating him. >> i'm going to be the first woman elected president of the united states. [applause] >> do you think people like the boston marathon bomber, a convicted terrorist and murderers should have the opportunity to vote? >> yes. even for terrible people. because once you start chipping away, you're running down a slippery slope. >> i will give the united states congress 100 days to get their act together to pass reasonable gun safety laws. if they fail to do it, then i will take executive action. >> if any other human being in this country had done what is documented in the mueller report, they would be arrested and put in jail. >> i have won every single congressional district in my state, including michele bachmann's okay? that is when you guys are supposed to cheer, okay? all right.
5:06 am
so -- ainsley: jeb bush moment for her. yeah, so what stood out to, i think all of us, the most out of all of some of those crazy policies is that when i don't think bernie sanders was ready for the question. he did answer it honestly, the girl stands up, hold on a minute, you think prisoners able to vote, even sex offenders, worst of the worst. steve: boston bomber. ainsley: he said yeah, yeah i do. pete: i don't know if he was ready for that specific question, but he answered it the way bernie sanders answers questions. he was being honest. you have to give him credit only for that. you look at carnage, you believe someone who did that, who took those lives and staged that attack should get a chance to vote. that will come back to haunt him in the general, based on the response he got, rousing applause, that is popular amongst primary, hardcore leftists voters who will decide the fate of -- ainsley: went on to say in vermont and maine felons get to vote. this is what republican governors all over the country
5:07 am
are doing. they come up with all kind of excuses, why people of color, young people, poor people, can't vote. making it about race. making it about economics. pete: characterize that republican don't want minorities to vote. he says i want everybody to vote to fight back against the oppressive republicans. steve: he said on tuesday, when you break our laws you give up your rights. ainsley: sanders believes in strict interpretation of the second amendment same verbatim way as he believes in the right to vote? pete: good question. steve: keep comments coming. pete: he doesn't know the difference between democracy and constitutional republic. if you understand that you know why is he saying that. sir. steve: let's talk about alexandria ocasio-cortez. yesterday it was revealed netflix put out a video trailer of an upcoming film they put together of four women who ran for congress. she obviously won. she was talking about the
5:08 am
veterans administration t will be great to have pete's point of view. he has been so vocal about this for years. she says, keep in mind couple years ago where we heard number of people had actually died in arizona. pete: on wait lists. steve: waiting for treatment. and it has gotten better but is it fixed? listen to this.
5:09 am
pete: this was an event on wednesday. we got video for. i tried to go to the event as media, we were denied access ultimately was plenty of room. she has no idea what she is talking about. flood of tweets from veterans, what in the world she is talking about. she hasn't used va. she would never use it. women and people should try va health care. that is what she wants for the rest of the country this system, because it is run by the government and bureaucracy is fundamentally broken by giving veterans a choice you create competition which races the standards because now veterans compete for care. not about the scare tactic of privatization. it is about choice and empowering vets to get the best
5:10 am
possible care. that is only good thing she said. she deserve the best care. give them next care if they live next to it. doesn't have to be a go. run facility. she is a moron, i will say it. she is mindless moron who knows nothing of this topic, goes in front of government union groups, if it is not broken don't fix it. ainsley: majority of veterans say it is broken? pete: yes. it is getting better through choice and accountability but still a broken system. if you don't understand it, don't throw weight behind thinking it isn't broken. that is what frustrates so many folks like us. steve: it is frustrating. you know the system well. but the care is so uneven across the country because certain places are great and certain -- pete: if it is great keep going to the great facility. if it is not you should get that choice. exactly right. steve: i wonder how pete felt about that. ainsley: that is why you weren't allowed in. she knew you would stand up and argue.
5:11 am
go to jillian. jillian: a second powerful earthquake hit the philippines overnight. 6.4 magnitude quake rocking the country one day after another earthquake killed at least 16 people. crews are frantically searching for 30 people believed trapped under a collapsed grocery store since the first major tremor. it is unclear if anyone died in the second quake. two people living in the heartland of america, admit to supporting isis. she lives in wisconsin, used social media to provide bomb making instructions and recruit potential terrorists. the mother of seven tried convincing someone to poison a government facility or water supply. he also lives in wisconsin, pleaded guilty to helping someone try to join the terror group. is joe biden in or out? the former vice president may be delaying his 2020 announcement. "the atlantic" reports he was supposed to declare a white house run tomorrow with a
5:12 am
video but it has pushed back. despite the shuffle biden is still accepting donations. stay tuned. president trump makes the first official visit to the uk this summer. moments ago, buckingham palace says the president will travel to london june third to the fifth. last year he met the queen at winsor castle during a two-day working visit. we those dates. steve: maybe he can help them work out that brexit thing. pete: nigel farage started brexit party. he is running for prime minister. steve: thank you, jillian. ainsley: 12 minutes after the top of the hour. nancy pelosi urging fellow dome mats to back off impeachment demand during a conference call. steve: congressman ro khanna was on the phone call. we'll ask him what was said. ♪
5:13 am
5:14 am
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5:16 am
5:17 am
♪ pete: welcome back. house democrats huddling with party leadership last night to discuss the next steps after the release of the mueller report but some pushed for impeachment leaders are down playing those calls. steve: speaker nancy pelosi reportedly saying this is not about democrats or republicans. it is about saving our democracy. if it is what we need to do to honor our responsibility to the constitution, if that is the place the facts take us, that's the place we have to go. pete: democrat congressman ro khanna was on the call. congressman, thank for being here. you were on the call. take us inside of the conference call. >> it was a good call. speaker pelosi set the tone, we need to be deliberate and methodical, shouldn't be rush to judgment. one thing we can all agree about the mueller report conclusion there was sweeping and systemic interference in our election by the russians. i'm working with leader mccarthy and others to find some ways of protecting american democracy from future
5:18 am
interference. that is a place i think many americans would agrow. steve: that interference happened during the obama administration? >> well the interference, president obama was the president then and i don't think it should be partisan. the point is the russians hacked into, not just the clinton campaign, they hacked into former secretaries of state. steve: yeah. >> the president unwittingly, not intentionally like others was retweeting russian agents. this should be appalling. every american should be concerned if russia did it last election who is to say china or iran wouldn't do it? i represent silicon valley. we need to make sure tech platforms work with law enforcement so it doesn't happen again. that's a common sense area with where we work together. pete: representative, based on what you heard from the call and campaign trail from 2020 contenders, should democratic party or the house pursue impeachment.
5:19 am
>> we got the report a few days ago or a week ago, the committee should do their work. american people want us to work on issues such as infrastructure and health care, child care, making sure we're not losing the race to china on technology, on artificial intelligence. china has built 1800 universities in the last 15 years. we need to be investing in our country. i think that is really where people want us focused. steve: i think you're right about that politically, you know, it could pass articles of impeachment could pass the house because it's a republican-led senate you will not wind up with two third. if you vote in the house, go forward in the impeachment, that is loser going in for you in 2020. isn't that the political reality of it? >> i think that is pelosi and others realize that the senate is unlikely to convicted president. that is why they are, want to move with deliberate speed and not rush into anything.
5:20 am
that said, it is important to hold the president accountable for what happened and to make sure the committees do their work, and that is what the pelosi has outlined. pete: we shall see. representative are khanna. thank you very much for being here. >> thanks for having me. pete: coming up new twist in the battle between mayor pete buttigieg and vice president mike pence's religious beliefs. u.s. ambassador to germany richard grenell find himself in the middle of that fight. that is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ this simple banana peel represents a bold idea: a way to create energy from household trash. it not only saves about 80% in carbon emissions... it helps reduce landfill waste. that's why bp is partnering with a california company:
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5:24 am
you. border patrol agents arrested more illegals the last seven months then all the fiscal year 2018 in the rio grande sector. on average more than 1100 people are arrested there every day. but this group won't get there anytime soon. police raiding a migrant caravan, detaining as many as 500 central americans on their way to the united states. it is thought to be the largest raid of its kind in mexico with many migrants loaded into buses to be deported. president trump cracking down on visa overstays as he pushes back against illegal immigration. giving secretaries of state and homeland security, 120 days to lower amount of foreigners who stay past their allotted time. steve: now a fox news alert. isis has claimed responsibility for the easter sunday massacre that killed more than 300 people in bombings. pete: they said they carried out the attacks as retaliation for
5:25 am
an attack on a new zealand mosque. ainsley: ric grenell ambassador to germany is here to weigh in. >> thanks for having me. ainsley: would you weigh on what is happening in sri lanka. >> the targeting of christians on easter sunday is horrific. it needs to be widely, loudly condemned. president trump made it clear we will offer our assistance, do whatever we can do. that is one of those situations where i think good people everywhere need to stand up loudly to condemn this. to do it to christians on easter sunday is particularly horrific. steve: particularly now knowing that we have heard so many stories that, you know, for the most part that wise sis, the caliphate has disappeared but now, ric, sounds there could have been some sort of isis coordination or cooperation with this hit. >> look we're not surprised. this is so horrific it has got
5:26 am
to be demented people. they're not rational people or humans when they decide to do something like this. we have an administration very clear-eyed on terrorism and terrorists around the world. we're trying to freeze up their financing. that is how they are able to do this. they somehow get money through manipulated means. we have to make sure the allies are fully on board trying to make sure we freeze up the finances. i was glad to see secretary pompeo make it clear that we will reward those who come forward with, with information to dry up hezbollah's finances. that is another area where i think we have to concentrate on. pete: ambassador, briefly in germany, have you seen a rise? i've seen report of rise on attacks or crimes against christian communities there? >> look, i think that we're seeing a rise in attacks on religious people, whether they
5:27 am
are jewish, muslim or christian. everywhere, not just here in germany but even in the united states. it is all more important that we call out when these happen, we are very specific about who did this. you have to know who did this in order to stop them. steve: also, ambassador i know last week you made news by accusing mayor pete buttigieg using a feud with the vice president to further his presidential candidacy and last night during the cnn town hall i believe it was anderson cooper asked mayor pete about that and he said this. we want to play the sound bite for you. >> the current ambassador to germany, richard grenell who is also gay, weighed in on this saying you have been quote, pushing this hate hoax along the lines of jussie smollett for a very long time now. several weeks. how do you respond to that? >> i'm not a master fisherman, but i know bait when i see it.
5:28 am
i will not take it. ainsley: did not want to take the bait. your response? >> i was actually quite pleased to see that mayor pete decided to stop pushing this hate hoax. i think that is an important sign. i think that it is very big of him to admit that the attacks that he has been doing for the last several days are not working and they're not a good stratpy. i was pleased to see him say he is not going to push that. pete: do you think that's it? >> i mean, who knows. i don't want to look at his motives or critique his motives. what i'm trying to do is defend my friend, mike pence, the vice president, who is a great man, an honorable man, a man of christian faith and somebody that i admire. i also want to just point out the fact that the vice president, mike pence, is fully on board with my push to decriminalize home --
5:29 am
homosexuality around the world. that there are 71 countries that criminalize homosexuality. they put you in prison. many of the places they will kill you in many of the countries. mike pence is on board with decriminalizing homosexuality around the world. i think that speaks volume. steve: ambassador ric grenell in germany in berlin. pete: beautiful shot. ainsley: mayor bill de blasio has a pie-in-the-sky idea, to stop climate change, getting rid of skyscrapers. of course. >> we're going to ban the classic glass and steel skyscrapers. pete: what will happen to the empire state building? what will to our building. stuart varney is up next. steve: wrecking ball. ♪ ep clean messes like this. this and even this.
5:30 am
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♪ >> building owners, you have to clean up your act. you have to retrofit save energy. if you don't do it by 2030, there will be serious fines, as high as million dollars or more for the biggest buildings. this mandate will guarranty we reduce emissions. we'll ban the classic glass and steel skyscrapers. steve: that prompted to the "new york post" saying we'll go back to the stone age. if you can't have steel and glass, you have to have stone. stuart varney, host of "varney & company" on fox business lives in one of those skyscrapers that the mayor doesn't like. >> very correct. ainsley: thought it would be appropriate to do it out here. >> we're surrounded by glass and steel. it is not good enough. it will all go eventually i suppose. look, the green new deal has just arrived in new york city. by vote of 45-2 the new york city council says hey, we have
5:34 am
to make every building in the city retroactively fitted so it conforms with energy reduction requirements. i think they sold it to the city on the grounds that trump tower is a skyscraper. trump tower needs more renovation. steve: you think? >> in part that is it how they sold it. ainsley: he own as lot of buildings. can you imagine building something new in new york city with all the new standards? you can't even build affordable housing as it is. you can't renovate the subway systems. you don't have enough money. oh, you will have enough money to change everybody building in the city, skyscrapers included. new boilers, air-conditioning, insulation, new windows. any idea how much that would cost on a skyscaper? steve: already cost the most per square foot of office space in new york right now. add another 100 bucks to that to do that stuff who is going to
5:35 am
come? >> the exodus has begun. new york city is losing population. it will not gain population unless illegals invited in, sanctuary city. this city cannot afford to do this, period. that is the bottom line. pete: isn't he putting his foot in the 2020 race, wants to be president? >> yes, gone way out to the left. ainsley: he will not even be mayor. >> you're right again, ainsley. right again. what can i say. ainsley: did you hear that? did you hear that? >> i said it. the green new deal has arrived and we can't afford it. ainsley: already too expensive to live in the city. >> what else do you want to talk about. elizabeth warren her town hall, her hour, she has a plan, it is costly. here it is. >> we are going to roll back student loan debt and part two, is to make college universally available with free tuition.
5:36 am
can we talk about how to pay for it? ultramillionaire's tax. it is two cents on every dollar on the great fortunes above $50 million. we say you have got to pay something back so everybody else gets a chance. pete: canceling school debt. >> up to $50,000 for he one. canceled debt up to $50,000. for 42 million americans. and, college would be, public college, two year, four year, would be tuition-free. ainsley: what about all the people who worked really hard to pay off their student loans, they have already done it, or my job worked three jobs to put three kids in college. does he get his money back? >> you're out of luck. you're out of luck. this is buying votes with other people's money, proposes to pay for all of this free college stuff with tax on the wealthy. that is a new tax, a wealth tax. annual tax. take it off you every year if
5:37 am
you're successful. steve: isn't it 2% on people making more than 50 million. worse, not more than 50 million. it is worse. not a income tax. it is wealth tax. pete: not income. just wealth. worse. >> buying votes. vote for me, millenials, see what i can do for you. steve: we have stop the segment. the sun is poking its head behind the skyscraper. pete: too much glass. ainsley: jillian has headlines. jillian: a murderer could be hiding in plain sight in a small indiana town. investigators releasing a new sketch of abigail williams and liberty german's killer two years after the teens were found dead on a hiking trail. >> we also believe this person is from delphi. we believe you're hiding in plain sight. jillian: police also releasing new video and audio of the suspect as you can see on the
5:38 am
screen taken by one of the girls before they were killed. >> [inaudible] jillian: police are asking the public to help find the killer. high-profile nba head coach is accused of sexual assault. a sports reporter is suing luke walton of the sacramento kings saying he forced himself on her in a hotel. kelly tenet says it happened while walton was assistant with the golden state warriors in 2016. he just left the head coaching gig with the los angeles lakers. he is the son of basketball legend, bill walton. jillian: kate smith's god bless america will be on a new jersey sidewalk. >> that is according to the mayor. >> so politically collect afraid
5:39 am
you will offend somebody. the song is greater than anything. so you know, what, it will continue play in wildwood. jillian: flyers took down the statue of kate smith and vowed not to play the recording over allegations of racism. a teenager driving her siblings to a birthday party in utah when this man opened the driver's side door and grabbed steering. when brad fritz stopped his car and jumped into action. >> just knew right away it was a carjacking. i said it ain't going to happen. if he would have hurt any of them i would have run him over in the middle of the road. jillian: the suspect is under arrest. outside to janice dean. nice day out there, janice. janice: one of the best days we have had all spring. i know the spring is short-lived. how are you, my friends? [cheering] where are you ladies from. >> we're from iowa.
5:40 am
janice: your name. >> diane. >>, suzie. janice: iowa is amazing. what is your name? what is his name? >> james. janice: you guys are from clem ton. go tigers. people in the control room love you. greg you're from upstate new york. what is the temperature in upstate new york. >> 60 degrees. janice: got all the swag from the website. wonderful i should be paying you. it is a beautiful day here in new york city. it is 57 right now. we do have a cold front that will move through across the central u.s. we could see the potential for severe storms for texas and oklahoma. keep that in mind. go clemson. hey, ainsley. fans are here. ainsley: that is my rival school. janice: it is rival school? pete: she stepped in it. ainsley: i still love clemson when they're not playing caroline or florida state.
5:41 am
pete: mueller report is now lawmakers want answers from people that started the investigation. >> jim comey and sally yates and everyone else signed off on those are verifying to the court what's in there. ainsley: mollie hemingway says those people need to be held accountable. she joins us live next. ♪ the right gear... matters. introducing the all-new 2019 ford ranger, it's the right gear. with a terrain management system for... this. a bash plate for... that. an electronic locking rear differential for... yeah... this. heading to the supermarket? get any truck. heading out here? get the ford ranger. the only adventure gear built ford tough.
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we see two travelers so at a comfort innal with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at ♪ jillian: good morning welcome back, some quick headlines now. president trump vowing to match the european tariffs blamed for harley-davidson's struggles. the company says first quarter profits fell more than 25% in part because of higher european taxes on imports. the president tweeting quote, so unfair to the u.s. we will reciprocate. u.s. auto safety regulators are expanding that irinvestigation into faulty airbags. more than 12 million vehicles
5:45 am
added to probe, including toyota, honda, mitsubishi, fiat chrysler vehicles, 2010 through 2019 models. the bags may not inflate in a crash. five deaths have been blamed on the problem. steve? steve: thank you, jillian. the mueller report has been out on for a week. investigators are starting a probe. house intel committee is demanding answers on the fisa warrants. >> jim comey and sally yates and everyone else that signed off on those are verifying to the court what's in there. they're verifying that christopher steele was a credible sewers. they're verifying that the steele dossier was corroborated. none of that was true. the court can only know what they were told. steve: fox news contributor and editor at "the federalist,"
5:46 am
mollie hemingway. >> great to be with you. >> telling how top intel people, justice people, making case, hey, you have to believe what is in this thing, salacious material about donald trump of the it is unverified. it says a lot about veracity of the people doing the hey, you have to buy this stuff. >> there were always two options with the story. one option donald trump was agent of vladmir putin that you needed to go against him with everything you had at fbi and every other law enforcement and intelligence agencies. the other option the people in the agencies were playing around with things they shouldn't have been. when it comes to the fisa applications we don't know how many fisas were out. there is a lot we have to learn. there is one placed against carter page and renewed three times. in order to get that they said this dossier was totally great stuff. they asserted that they had good information, that they had reason to believe christopher steele the guy who conducted
5:47 am
dossier, secretly contracted with by hillary clinton and democratic national committees, hillary clinton campaign and dnc. now it is turning out, even "the new york times" admitting nothing checked out with the dossier. he was using blog posts to verify it. he was so gossipy what he was doing that foreign governments knew what he was doing and possibly seed misinformation in there. our people that who are supposed to protect, make sure you don't just wiretap american citizens and violate their civil liberties is not good. there are a lot of high level people involved. sally yates, mccabe, rosenstein and others who will haveanswer questions. steve: you have to wonder if they are answering questions. the inspector general, and department of justice looking into this stuff. mr. huber from utah behind the scenes. these investigations they can't reveal the investigation but you
5:48 am
have to hope they get to the bottom of this stuff. >> we know christopher steele leaked to his very good friends in the media that he is concerned about this. inspector general reports are generally very kindly done. they're done by the agency. they sort of defend what the agency is doing. so i think there needs to be more investigation than just the the inspector general report. we don't know how much is out there. we know the agencies used overseas intelligence assets to spy on the campaign. there were wiretaps. there were national security letters. we have a lot more to learn. steve: absolutely. sounds like the president made it clear he would like to declassify the fisa warrants maybe we'll get it sooner than later. >> hope so too. >> molly, thanks. budweiser, teams up with folds of honor for a special cause and a look at the brand new beer and heros it helps. hey, major dan. bill hemmer with preview of
5:49 am
coming attractions. >> finally came to the northeast. isis claims it carried out the killing of hundreds as we learn about the americans murdered overseas. what is the road map for democrats here at home? big meeting revealing strategy. we'll talk to the white house, learn how they will handle the next phase. come along for the ride, guys. three hours, sandra and i see you in ten minutes top of the hour right here on "america's newsroom." we have to be able to repair the enamel on a daily basis. with the new pronamel repair toothpaste more minerals enter deep into the enamel surface. you have an opportunity to repair what's already been damaged. it 's amazing. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, what's already been damaged. hmm. exactly.
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5:53 am
assist gold star families to brew the budweiser discovery reserve. pete: here is the brewmaster, and major dan rooney founder of folds of honor. thank you both for being here. chris, start with you. we always get major dan here. you're the brewmaster. talk to us about this. >> i'm brewmaster that brews this beer, discovery. this is actually the beer that is the next beer in line reserve series for budweiser. we're doing a little throwback. this is celebration of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. ainsley: 1969. >> 1969. steve: i remember seeing the beer, the beer bottle, stubby little bottle much like that. what is the significance going back 50 years? >> so you know, we were very inspired at budweiser by just the spirit of discovery and exploration. that was a part of the moon landing. the other thing that we were really inspired by was the tie
5:54 am
that the air force actually had to the apollo missions back in 1969 on this first mission so our bottles, we actually have 11 stars that go around the outside of the eagle. so that is for apollo 11. then we have the silver wings. so that is a tie back to our original budweiser can had that design on it. so a little tie to the air force itself with the wings. ainsley: you both are air force guys, men and women. and, you started this great organization called folds of honor. how are you involved with budweiser? >> very proud. this sure11th beer to partner with budweiser. this is the great american lager. they have donated to folds of honor to over 1million dollars to the partners. this is 3200 partnerships for somebody who has killed or disabled. there is little-known statistic, there are 2 million dependents
5:55 am
fall in that category having someone killed or disabled in iraq and afghanistan. that is why our partnership with bud weisser so important. a dollar for every case sold in america over the summer months go back to benefit these families. you look at the history of apollo 11. you had neil armstrong was navy fighter pilot. buzz aldrin was a air force fighter pilot. exploration comes with a cost. we know freedom isn't free. in that spirit budweiser continues to stand with folds of honor. over 20,000 recipients. so we're so proud to drink beer and change lives t can't get any better than that, especially for pete. i know. steve: because it is going towards 9:00 a.m. we haven't tasted the beer. how do you like the beer, major dan. >> it is the best i ever tasted in my life. it is freedom. we're so blessed.
5:56 am
we go back with budweiser to share the story. i cold called them in st. louis, running folds of honor above my garage in broken arrow, arizona. first time didn't go too well. they said come back, we get hundreds of requests every day. in spirit of folds of honor are defined what we do when things don't go our way. i continued to go back to st. louis, continued to ring the bell for three years. we got a meeting with dave peacock, ceo. and a brand this big believe in a guy this small and lives we changed is amazing. ainsley: here is to budweiser. steve: thank you very much. ainsley: thank you both for serving. cheers. steve: serving a beer. pete: more fox. ♪ california walnuts. so simple, so good.
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let's see, aleve is than tylenol extra strength. and last longer with fewer pills. so why am i still thinking about this? i'll take aleve. aleve. proven better on pain. >> in the "after the show show"
6:00 am
we'll find out how many pete can drink in five minutes. >> you're pulling my leg. >> if i get through a case -- >> have a great day, everyone. >> bill: thanks, guys, good morning, everybody. breaking news overnight. a massacre of christians in sri lanka, al qaeda takes credit. there is also new video that shows one of the attackers moments before detonating a bomb strapped to his back. more on this inside of "america's newsroom" today. back here at home immigration front and center. u.s. supreme court will take up whether a citizenship question can be added to the census for 2020. long-term political implications on this. tuesday, bill hemmer, live in new york. >> sandra: good


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